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It would be our honor to protect you. Our agents and in-house legal counsel serve with the experience and knowledge you need and deserve. Whether it's your first call for a quote or you have a serious issue that needs our attention: we are here for you. All you have to do is call. We answer.

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Life is unexpected and unforeseen things happen. Don’t wait until after your event to call us. It will be too late. Call us before the big day and we will ensure your protection.


Fighting For You

MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing and hybrids: Affiliate Guard won’t give your policy to a third party provider, and our founder has a blue belt. We know what you need!

Functional Gyms

We Know What You Need

Without a governing body, it’s confusing. Rest assured, the team at Affiliate Guard will provide you with the right coverage, no matter how big or small your facility is, you must be protected.

Affiliate Gyms

We Specialize

CrossFitters specialize in not specializing, but when you’re shopping for insurance you want someone who knows your sport. Don’t call your homeowner’s guy to protect your box. Call us.

Answering the call

Affiliate Guard Is Not A Corporate HQ

“I can’t think of any other company where I call and the owner answers. Vaughn Vernon picks up and says, ‘what can I do?’ In 5 minutes, my problem is solved. I’d call my old agent, and it took them a while to even find my policy. Vaughn knows me and understands what I need.

Money makes a difference, and it’s great that Affiliate Guard is competitively priced, but I don’t care about that anymore. Vaughn’s service is second to none. He looks out for my business and my family.”

- Steve Pinkerton, CrossFit Vitality


Feb 2015


Let Us Make You WATER PROOF!

When the shit hits the fan (or literally comes pouring through the ceiling fan) it’s best to know your rights. Most of the boxes protected by Affiliate Guard are housed in rehabbed spaces with the kind of history that doesn’t come with an Encyclopedia. A space could look as smooth silk but who knows what’s […]

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If you are ready, we are waiting. Whether you are new in business, or just looking to shop your old policy, call us or send us an email. The only way to protected is to shop and compare. We are here to help!

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