Is Affiliate Guard an Insurance Company?
No, Affiliate Guard is an Insurance Agency/Broker. Affiliate Guard works with multiple insurance companies to provide you with a competitive and substantial policy through our Affiliate Guard program. Our connections with these specific carriers allow us to compare prices and coverages to get you the best policy that suits your business’ needs.
Do I have to be a CrossFit gym to get insurance with Affiliate Guard?
No, you do not have to be a CrossFit gym to receive coverage through Affiliate Guard. We can get coverage for a wide variety of gym types.
What payment options are available?
We have multiple payment options ranging from paying in full up front to having monthly payments. Once you receive a quote through Affiliate Guard, we will list the payment options available on your quote.
Can someone review my current policy/quote for my gym to compare policies?
Of course, we would be happy to help you look over your current policy/quote to ensure you have the coverages you need as a gym owner. Feel free to give us a call or email asking for a Free Coverage Review.
How are claims handled?
If a claim/incident arises the first thing you will want to do is document it. Complete our Incident Report Form (found in the templates folder), take pictures, and save any documents regarding the incident. Once you have that information compiled send it over to us and give us a call. We will walk you through the next steps as we make a report to your insurance carrier. The insurance carrier will assign an adjuster and reach out to you for further information regarding the claim.
How do I get a certificate of insurance?
Once you get a policy through Affiliate Guard we can send out certificates you need for your landlord, CrossFit HQ, etc. To receive these simply send in a request via email or phone and we will get this taken care of for you.
Can I get coverage for my fitness equipment?
Yes, we can get you covered for any fitness and office equipment you have.
How long will it take to get me a quote?

Once your signed application is issued to me, we can offer a quote within one business day. Take a minute to fill out the application here.

What do I do about lease agreements?
We provide a service to our members on reviewing the insurance section of your lease agreement. Sometimes landlords want huge liability limits in place that can double your premiums. We have re-negotiated with landlords on several different occasions by educating them what coverages may not be needed for a gym.
Will my policy cover 24 hour access or unsupervised access?

We can get your gym a quote that covers 24 hour or unsupervised access. Not all of the policies we offer provide this coverage, so be sure to check with us before implementing this at your gym.

If your policy includes this coverage you will want to be sure you have the following in place or use HybridAF to protect your gym.

  • 24-hour access addressed in your waiver (we have sample waivers if needed).
  • Camera system installed showing the entire workout area(s).
  • Key-fob/personal code to door – for gym access
  • A way for someone to call for help if needed – besides a personal cell phone (landline, emergency call button, etc.)
  • Emergency procedures in place if something were to happen – preferably posted on the wall or somewhere easy to see
Can I get coverage for kid’s classes?

We can get your gym a quote that covers kid’s classes. Not all of the policies we offer provide this coverage, so be sure to check with us before implementing this at your gym. Please note anyone working with minors will want to be certified in kids training and have a background check complete. 

What certifications are my coaches required to have?
Your coaches will just need to be certified in whatever movements they are instructing. Here is a list of some of the common certifications CrossFit L1-4, USAW, ACE, NASM, MadLab, CSCS, AAAI/ISMA, Two Brain.

There are many more that are acceptable. If you have a question about a certain certification just let us know and we can look into it for you.

Are special events covered on these policies?
There are a few factors that play into special events, so we suggest that if you are ever hosting/participating in an event to give us a call or email so we can be sure you have adequate coverage.
Am I required to have Accident / Medial Coverage?
We at Affiliate Guard do not require you to have this coverage in addition to your General Liability policy. Accident / Medical policies provide coverage for accidental injuries sustained by a trainer or athlete while at your gym. This coverage works in excess to the member or trainer’s own health insurance policy. Trainers and athletes don’t have to prove negligence on your part to be covered, it is paid regardless of who is at fault for the injury.


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