Can I make payments?
Yes, we have a contract set up with Capital Premium Financing for affiliates.
Does this policy cover all my trainers?

Yes, this policy extends professional and general liablity to all trainers at the box. We will cover employees, sub-contractors and volunteers, as long as they have a current Level 1 Certificate from CrossFit.

Extending Professional & General Liability to Trainers:

We have a manuscript endorsement on our Affiliate Guard Program stating we will extend coverage to ALL trainers at the box. This means Employees, Sub-Contracted Trainers and Volunteers. The definition of a volunteer trainer is if you have a Level 1 trainer that currently trains at your box and you trade him/her out monthly fees to train wods. We ask that you keep copies of all Level 1 certificates at the box. We get a lot of questions in regards to clients having interest in becoming a trainer. They can shadow as long as they want but their MUST be a Level 1 trainer on premise and doing the wod/movement instruction.

Does this policy cover martial arts taught at my location?

Yes, that will be covered as long as we receive a brief narrative on the instructors experience and waiver of liability.

How are claims handled?

Litigation protocol with Affiliate Guard.
There is some misconception on what our policy will cover and will not cover in the event you, as an affiliate owner, get drawn into some litigation.

Here are some specifics:

Our insurance company first and foremost defends your interests as an Affiliate owner. Interests implying protecting you against frivolous litigation and unfair settlements. Keep in mind this is YOUR insurance policy and you do have a say in how your claim is defended. As your insurance agent, I also get involved in each and every law suit that we get drawn into. Our insurance company has their own in-house law firm. We do not farm litigation defense out to a 3rd party. Our law firm not only helps write the policies but defends them as well. There has been some talk about “class action ligation” in the Gym Community and insurance companies do not want to write gyms due to that exposure, that being said even if any insurance company caught the slightest hint of this kind of class action law suits, they would not be writing Gyms in anyway shape or form.

How are my clients covered and at what amount?

We cover bodily injury to your clients up to your aggregate limits at 2,000,000. This coverage will also be extended to cover you if a client injures another client on accident.

How do I get a certificate?

Once we receive your payment, we issue all certificates to the proper holders (i.e.: CrossFit inc, landlords ) and issue you a copy for your records.

How is my box equipment covered?
  1. We have a set amount of 20,000 in equipment coverage on this insurance program. Ff you need more coverage than that said amount, we can adjust to fit your needs. Our coverage agreement covers you against fire, theft and vandalism. You do NOT need a central alarm system installed to have coverage honored in the event of a loss/claim.
  2. Business Income insurance: if your box gets vandalized or damaged and you cannot conduct your day to day WOD’s, this coverage will help you out on loss of income, monthly rents, utility’s and payroll for employees.
How long will it take to get me a quote?

Once your signed application is issued to me, we can offer a quote within one business day. Take a minute to fill out the application here.

What about Lease Agreements?


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