Do I need insurance if my gym is closed or only operating online?

YES! Though it may seem you do not need insurance while your doors are closed or you are operating solely online there are still liability exposures (e.g. to mailmen, trespassers, looters, landlord, etc.)

As well as liability exposures to any online/virtual classes or instruction you are doing. In addition, if you have equipment coverage, you will want this coverage active in case a break-in occurs while some businesses are closed and unsupervised.

Do I need special Covid-19 coverage in case someone contracts Covid-19 at my gym?

NO! We recognize the concern gym owners have about a member contracting COVID-19 at their gym. It is a startling matter, but please do not put too much worry about the possibility of being sued for someone contracting COVID-19 at your gym.

By following CDC protocols, city/state mandates, and taking advantage of risk management tools, the chances of tracing exposure back to your gym are almost non-existent. Anyone who claims they contracted COVID-19 at your gym would need to prove they went to your gym and your gym only for a 2-week period. Not only that, but they would also need to say that they didn’t touch any incoming US Mail, Amazon packages, DoorDash deliveries, handles at the gas station, etc. What are the chances of that?

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