Caring for kids is not child’s play. We love the littles at AGuard. It’s why we work tirelessly to keep them safe in your business, which in turn keeps YOU safe.

Know that you are not alone!
Protecting your interests (while you protect the little people you serve) is one of the things we do best at AGuard. But you need to help us help you. Simply having coverage is not enough. You need to take proactive steps to ensure you are 100% kid-complaint according to the law. 

Greenlightcheck is the first step
If you work with children, you need to follow federal law. This includes background checks for everyone on your staff, special training and mandatory reporting procedures for child abuse prevention. Laws change often in response to predatory behavior in youth fitness. Turn on the news and you’ll see why. We can help you get your current staff complaint and adding new people will be a light lift as they join your team. 

AGuard’s unique Greenlightcheck will ensure you are compliant with all aspects of your insurance policy and federal law, including mandatory background checks and training for anyone on your staff who comes in contact with children. If a child gets hurt on your watch, and you are not compliant with the terms of your policy and federal law, you could be liable. 

You must never waiver about the waiver
People often think this goes without saying, but we see it all the time in our business. A child comes into a facility or on a practice field and they easily get hurt, even if they are not participating, supervised by their parents and encased in bubble wrap! 

Think of your waiver as your bubble wrap, designed to keep you cushioned from the blow of an unexpected liability. Getting Greenlightcheck will also ensure your waiver is fully up to snuff. A well behaved child with an iPad is harmless until they get an idea to run, jump, touch, throw or trip in your facility and things get harmful in a hurry. Protect yourself with the golden rule  in any fitness establishment: the waiver. 

You gotta keep ’em separated
If your business serves people of all ages, adults and kids often co-mingle. It’s great to have kid and adult classes going on in tandem for convenience, but there needs to be a divide. Safety is the ultimate priority and kids can easily get mowed over. Save the mowing for the lawn and divide the room. Kids need separate spaces and coaches. 

If you have a daycare or “kiddie corner” in your facility, take steps to ensure this area also has a great divide. These areas are fun for kids and super convenient for parents, but they must be apart from the action to keep the kids safe. If you have a babysitter on staff, be sure to have a sign in and out sheet to ensure the right Johnny goes home with the right Mommy. Many policies require it, so even if your babysitter knows all the kids, you still need to have a sign in and out policy. 

Kids are just watching, until they aren’t!
It’s never a good idea for Mom to park a stroller in the middle of a fitness facility so her baby can “watch” her exercise. Even if the child stays still, there’s too much potential for harm. It’s best to have a safe, separate and supervised area for the children to be.

Often times Mom and Dad take back-to-back classes and switch kids in between. It’s a great plan, as long as the kids don’t start swinging kettlebells or grappling on the floor while the parents are chatting. Most accidents happen when it’s least expected, and these short switches will be safe if children remain supervised. This is another scenario when a waiver is of the utmost importance.

It’s going to happen
It’s inevitable. Kids are kids and they are going to get hurt. The first call is always for medical attention if needed. The second call is to the parent. When talking to Mom and Dad, be very mindful to never admit negligence or fault. A well-equipped first-aid kit can fix the minor injuries and make a child feel well cared for. 

Even if it all ends well, the next call is to AGuard. It’s good for us to discuss the situation, even before it becomes one. There’s guidance we can give you so the problem does not become worse.

Ready to get ready?
Call AGuard today or shoot us a note to learn more about Greenlightcheck! When it comes to the children you serve, thinking about what could go wrong feels painful, but not as painful as being unprepared for the unexpected. So let AGuard help you get prepared!


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