For gym owners, we understand one of the biggest concerns these days is having members spread or contract Covid-19 at the gym. Recently a gym in Virginia had possibly 50 members exposed to Covid-19 by a coach. You could only imagine how terrifying that would be! As shared on CNN, with the ventilation procedures they implemented not one member contracted the virus! Knowing that the virus is primary transmitted through the air, the owner made ventilation and social distancing a top priority. Without proper ventilation, the virus could have been trapped in the air allowing the coach to expose the members!

When someone breathes out, carbon dioxide is expelled into the air. Having a carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor in the gym could help you identify how much exhaled breath (possible viruses) are in the air and where. Recognizing hotspots in the gym could help you understand where more ventilation, social distancing, or HEPA filters could be used. The use of a CO2 monitor could also provide your members with peace of mind at the gym. Two-Brain Business shares a lot more about transmission and using CO2 Monitors here.

As insurance professionals, the use of risk management tools just makes us giddy! But, hopefully, this information can help you keep your gym open and members feeling safe inside the gym.

Check out the full articles here:

A gym trainer exposed 50 athletes to Covid-19, but no one else got sick because of a ventilation redesign – CNN

COVID and CO2 Monitors – Two-Brain Business


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